Houston TX Townhomes For Sale

Houston townhomes for sale are gaining popularity due to their abundant space and low maintenance. Townhomes in Houston are also generally more affordable than single family homes and don’t have the high HOA fees seen in Houston condos for sale.

Hot Houston neighborhoods with new construction townhomes for sale include Rice Military, Midtown, EaDo, Montrose, Camp Logan, and Houston Heights.

Townhomes For Sale In Houston

Overview Of Towhomes For Sale In Houston Texas

Townhomes for sale in Houston are individually owned structures that share a wall with a neighbor (unless it's a corner lot). When you own a townhome, you own the land from the center of the earth to infinity in addition to owning your structure. Townhomes differ from single family homes (or patio homes) as they share a wall. They are similar in that they own the land.

Townhomes differ from condos in that if you buy a condo, you own the airspace and a fractional ownership of the complex. With the townhome, you have direct ownership of the land / dirt upon which the structure resides. Many people prefer townhomes as they have some of the benefits of the single family homes and some of the benefits of a condo.

New Construction Townhomes In Houston TX

Home developers have started over 6,400 new Houston homes in the first quarter and are on track to start construction on over 28,000 properties this year. This is the real estate developers answer to the dwindling home inventories and constant stream of relocators to Houston.

Some of the current builders of new Houston homes include:
  • InTown Homes
  • Apex Builders
  • CapitalClassicHomes
  • Carmel Builders
  • CitySide Homes
  • City Scape Homes
  • CMC Homes
  • Pelican Builders
  • Coventry Homes
  • Lovett Homes
  • Avalon Homes
  • Arcada Homes
  • Tricon Homes
  • Covington Homes
  • Carnegie Homes
  • Urban Living
  • Rohe & Wright
  • Lovett Homes
  • Cunningham Development
  • Memorial Signature
  • Callisto Builders
  • Prebisch Homes
  • Keystone Classic
  • Colony Builders
  • MTK Enterprises
  • Trimac Developers
  • Princeton City Homes
  • SmartSpace
  • Zenith Homes
  • ROC Homes Texas
  • Iron Gate Builders
  • Farb Homes
  • PlainView

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